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How to Check Incorrect Words in RadTextBox


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2019.3.1022 RadTextBox for WinForms Desislava Yordanova


This articles aims to show you how to get a list of the incorrect words in RadTextBox by using the auto-spell check functionality that RadSpellChecker offers.

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The following code snippet demonstrates a sample approach how to benefit from the TextBoxSpellChecker that RadSpellChecker uses for checking the correct words in RadTextBox.

this.radTextBox1.Text = "This iss a samplee text thaat shows incorrect words";
this.radSpellChecker1.AutoSpellCheckControl = this.radTextBox1;

TextBoxSpellChecker textSpellChecker = this.radSpellChecker1.GetControlSpellChecker(typeof(RadTextBox)) as TextBoxSpellChecker;

Regex wordParser = new Regex(@"[\p{L}\p{N}\p{M}]+(?:[-.'´_@][\p{L}|\p{N}|\p{M}]+)*", RegexOptions.Compiled);
Telerik.WinControls.SpellChecker.Proofing.DocumentSpellChecker checker =
    textSpellChecker.SpellChecker as Telerik.WinControls.SpellChecker.Proofing.DocumentSpellChecker;

foreach (Match word in wordParser.Matches(this.radTextBox1.Text + ""))
    if (!checker.CheckWordIsCorrect(word.Captures[0].Value))

Me.RadTextBox1.Text = "This iss a samplee text thaat shows incorrect words"
Me.RadSpellChecker1.AutoSpellCheckControl = Me.RadTextBox1

Dim textSpellChecker As TextBoxSpellChecker = TryCast(Me.RadSpellChecker1.GetControlSpellChecker(GetType(RadTextBox)), TextBoxSpellChecker)

Dim wordParser As Regex = New Regex("[\p{L}\p{N}\p{M}]+(?:[-.'´_@][\p{L}|\p{N}|\p{M}]+)*", RegexOptions.Compiled)
Dim checker As Proofing.DocumentSpellChecker = TryCast(textSpellChecker.SpellChecker, Proofing.DocumentSpellChecker)

For Each word As Match In wordParser.Matches(Me.RadTextBox1.Text & "")

    If Not checker.CheckWordIsCorrect(word.Captures(0).Value) Then
    End If

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