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Export Selected Rows in RadGridView


Product Version Product Author
2023.2.606 RadGridView for WinForms Dinko Krastev


A common requirement is to export only the selected rows in RadGridView. This article shows how to achieve this functionality. The GridViewSpreadExport exposes a HiddenRowOption property which determines whether to export hidden rows. We can use this option for our scenario.



To achieve this functionality, you can first set the HiddenRowOption to ignore exporting hidden rows (HiddenOption.DoNotExport). Then you can hide the unselected rows before exporting. After the RadGridView control is exported, you can show the rows again.

private void radButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    List<GridViewRowInfo> list = new List<GridViewRowInfo>();
    foreach (GridViewRowInfo rowInfo in this.radGridView1.Rows)
        if (rowInfo.IsSelected == false)
            rowInfo.IsVisible = false;

    GridViewSpreadExport spreadExporter = new GridViewSpreadExport(this.radGridView1);         
    ISpreadExportRenderer spreadExportRenderer = new SpreadExportRenderer();
    spreadExporter.ExportFormat = SpreadExportFormat.Xlsx;
    spreadExporter.HiddenRowOption = HiddenOption.DoNotExport;
    spreadExporter.ExportVisualSettings = true;
    spreadExporter.RunExport("../../exportedFile.xlsx", spreadExportRenderer, "SheetName");

    foreach (GridViewRowInfo rowInfo in list)
            rowInfo.IsVisible = true;

Private Sub radButton1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    Dim list As List(Of GridViewRowInfo) = New List(Of GridViewRowInfo)()

    For Each rowInfo As GridViewRowInfo In Me.radGridView1.Rows

        If rowInfo.IsSelected = False Then
            rowInfo.IsVisible = False
        End If

    Dim spreadExporter As GridViewSpreadExport = New GridViewSpreadExport(Me.radGridView1)
    Dim spreadExportRenderer As ISpreadExportRenderer = New SpreadExportRenderer()
    spreadExporter.ExportFormat = SpreadExportFormat.Xlsx
    spreadExporter.HiddenRowOption = HiddenOption.DoNotExport
    spreadExporter.ExportVisualSettings = True
    spreadExporter.RunExport("../../exportedFile.xlsx", spreadExportRenderer, "SheetName")

    For Each rowInfo As GridViewRowInfo In list
        rowInfo.IsVisible = True
End Sub

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