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Changing the size of RadComboBox's dropdown

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Q1 2009 RadComboBox for WinForms Nikolay Diyanov Feb 17, 2009

HOW-TO Change the size of RadComboBox's dropdown

SOLUTION By default, the size of the dropdown of RadComboBox is calculated as follows: 

  • the width is equal to the width of the combobox itself
  • the height is 106 pixels

This size can be changed by using DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties and setting their values in pixels. By default, the value of DropDownWidth is -1 which means that the drop-down windows will take the width of the combobox every time it pops up. Refer to the following code snippet:

this.radComboBox1.ComboBoxElement.DropDownWidth = 150;    
this.radComboBox1.ComboBoxElement.DropDownHeight = 400; 

Me.RadComboBox1.ComboBoxElement.DropDownWidth = 150   
Me.RadComboBox1.ComboBoxElement.DropDownHeight = 400

Additionally, the behavior of the drop-down windows's height could be switched to be exactly the same as the height of a specified number of combobox items (they would be all with equal height. This could be done by setting IntegralHeight property to true and setting the MaxDropDownItems property with the desired number.

Note that when Virtualized is set to true the IntegralHeight is ignored and only MaxDropDownItems determines the height of the drop-down.

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