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How to Change the CheckBox's Size


Product Version 2021.3.1123
Product RadCheckBox for WinForms


This example demonstrates how to change the size of RadCheckBox and its CheckMarkPrimitive.


By default, RadCheckBox looks like the below screenshot:

change-checkbox-size 001

It is possible to specify minimum size for the CheckElement and thus enlarge it:

Changing the Size when the ControlDefault theme is applied

this.radCheckBox1.ButtonElement.CheckMarkPrimitive.CheckElement.UseFixedCheckSize = false;
this.radCheckBox1.ButtonElement.CheckMarkPrimitive.CheckElement.MinSize = new Size(100, 100);
this.radCheckBox1.ToggleState = Telerik.WinControls.Enumerations.ToggleState.On; 

Me.radCheckBox1.ButtonElement.CheckMarkPrimitive.CheckElement.UseFixedCheckSize = False
Me.radCheckBox1.ButtonElement.CheckMarkPrimitive.CheckElement.MinSize = New Size(100, 100)
Me.radCheckBox1.ToggleState = Telerik.WinControls.Enumerations.ToggleState.[On]

change-checkbox-size 002

Changing the Size when the Fluent theme is applied

The previously provided code snippet doesn't produce the illustrated result when the Fluent theme is applied. This is because the Fluent theme uses an image with fixed 14x14 size for the checkmark. You can apply a bigger Image to the RadCheckBox.ButtonElement.CheckMarkPrimitive.ImageElement.

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