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Binding to a result of query

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Q3 2012 SP1 RadControls for WinForms Stefan Stefanov 26 Dec 2012


How to bind a control (RadGridView, RadListView, RadChartView, RadListControl, etc) to a result of a query of a DataTable


The correct way to bind a control to a result of a query of a DataTable is to use the result's CopyToDataTable() method, which will copy the result in a DataTable and will return it. If you attempt to use the ToList() method, you will end up with undesired behavior where the control will display the row properties, instead of the rows data. This is caused by the fact that bind mechanism cannot reflect the DataRows information, and the DataTable is the one that handles this kind of objects.


Here is a sample:

DataTable table = new DataTable();
table.Rows.Add("Beverages", 102074.31);
table.Rows.Add("Condiments", 55277.6);
table.Rows.Add("Confections", 80894.14);
table.Rows.Add("Diary Products", 114749.78);
table.Rows.Add("Grains/Cereals", 55948.82);
table.Rows.Add("Meat/Poultry", 81338.06);
table.Rows.Add("Produce", 53019.98);
table.Rows.Add("Seafood", 65544.18);

var result = table.AsEnumerable().Take(5);
radGridView1.DataSource = result.CopyToDataTable();

Dim table As New DataTable()
table.Rows.Add("Beverages", 102074.31)
table.Rows.Add("Condiments", 55277.6)
table.Rows.Add("Confections", 80894.14)
table.Rows.Add("Diary Products", 114749.78)
table.Rows.Add("Grains/Cereals", 55948.82)
table.Rows.Add("Meat/Poultry", 81338.06)
table.Rows.Add("Produce", 53019.98)
table.Rows.Add("Seafood", 65544.18)

Dim result = table.AsEnumerable().Take(5)
radGridView1.DataSource = result.CopyToDataTable()

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