App becomes DPI-aware at runtime


Your application becomes smaller when exporting data or using cross platform controls (RadPdfViewer, RadRichTextEditor, RadSpreadsheetEditor, RadDiagram, The DocumentProcessingLibrary). This happens because we are using WPF assemblies where the DPI-awareness is enabled at assembly level. When a type from such assembly is initialized the application becomes DPI aware and the controls will became smaller.


There are two approaches in this case.

1. Make your application DPI-aware explicitly. with this approach your app will look smaller when started. It will no look blurry on HDPI displays. Detailed information is available here.

2. Make your application DPI-unaware. This approach works on Windows 10 only. Detailed information about it is available in the last section of the following article: HDPI Tips and Tricks

Both of the above approaches does not affect the application when the scaling is set to 100%.

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