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Adding a WinForms control to a Ribbon Bar

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Q2 2007 RadRibbonBar for WinForms Iordan Pavlov May 23, 2007

Adding a WinForms control to a Ribbon Bar

Any Windows Forms control can be added to a Ribbon Bar. That can be done easily by using RadHostItem.

For example a Windows Forms DateTimePicker can be added to a Ribbon Bar with the following piece of code:

DateTimePicker datePicker = new DateTimePicker();     
RadHostItem datePickerHost = new RadHostItem(datePicker);     


Dim datePicker As DateTimePicker = New DateTimePicker()
Dim datePickerHost As RadHostItem = New RadHostItem(datePicker)

Another example is adding a WinForms panel with radio buttons:

RadioButton radioButton1 = new RadioButton();  
radioButton1.Text = "Option1";  
radioButton1.Location = new Point(5, 5);  
RadioButton radioButton2 = new RadioButton();  
radioButton2.Text = "Option2";  
radioButton2.Location = new Point(5, 25);  

Panel panel = new Panel();  
panel.Size = new Size(100, 60);  
panel.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] { radioButton1, radioButton2 });  

RadHostItem hostItem = new RadHostItem(panel);  

Dim radioButton1 As RadioButton = New RadioButton()
radioButton1.Text = "Option1"
radioButton1.Location = New Point(5, 5)
Dim radioButton2 As RadioButton = New RadioButton()
radioButton2.Text = "Option2"
radioButton2.Location = New Point(5, 25)

Dim panel As Panel = New Panel()
panel.Size = New Size(100, 60)
panel.Controls.AddRange(New Control() {radioButton1, radioButton2})

Dim hostItem As RadHostItem = New RadHostItem(panel)

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