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Download Product Files

When you are a licensed developer you are allowed to download the following files:

  • Old versions

  • Standalone installation

  • Assemblies and themes only

  • Latest Internal builds

  • Documentation files

  • Source code

In order to download these you need to take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click on the Downloads tab:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 006

  3. Select the UI for WinForms product tile:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 007

  4. This page allows you to download the Automatic Installation msi file, DLLs and themes, PDB files, NuGet Packages, documentation files, and Source code.

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 008

  5. From the Version drop down, you can select an older version to download:

    installation-deployment-and-distribution-download-product-files 009


    Please note that if you do not see the desired version you can contact our sales team and they will enable the version for download: sales@telerik.com

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