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Assembly Version

After installing the Telerik UI for WinForms suite, you will notice the following assemblies versions in the installation folder:

assemblies-version 001

We strive to distribute assemblies only for the currently supported .NET versions. If a certain .NET version is not available as a separate Bin folder, check if the respective version is still officially supported: .NET and .NET Core Support Policy.

We do provide several builds of our assemblies - one for .NET 2.0, one for .NET 4.0 or higher, one for .NET Core (Since R1 2020 .NET Core 3.1 is also supported), one for .NET 5.0 (Since R2 2020 .NET Core 5 is also supported) and one for .NET 6 (Since R2 2021 .NET 6 is also supported). The suffix (.20, .40, etc.) indicates the assembly version.

As of R3 2022 Telerik UI for WinForms suite offers .NET 4.8 distribution and the .NET 2.0 distribution is removed.

assemblies-version 004

As of R3 2022 SP2 Telerik UI for WinForms suite offers .NET 7 distribution.

assemblies-version 005

Right-click over the .dll file and select Properties. Then, navigate to the Details tab:

assemblies-version 002

You should pick up this version of the assemblies to refer in your project that corresponds to the .NET Framework that you are using in your project and that is available on your computer.

assemblies-version 003

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