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This article illustrates the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadTrackBar control.

Figure 1: RadTrackBar's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadTrackBar's elements hierarchy

Figure 2: RadTrackBar's visual structure

WinForms RadTrackBar's visual structure

Here is a brief explanation of the various elements in the tree:

  • The RadTrackBarElement represents the entire RadTrackBar control. It contains two instances of TrackArrowButtons that represent the handlers (buttons) and the TrackBarBodyElement.

  • TrackBarBodyElement wraps and arranges TrackBarScaleContainerElement and TrackBarIndicatorContainerElement.

  • TrackBarScaleContainerElement wraps and arranges the TrackBarScaleElement and TrackBarLineElement.

  • Each instance of TrackBarScaleElement contains its own set of TrackBarTickContainerElement and TrackBarLabelContainerElement that generates and arranges the ticks and labels respectively.

  • TrackBarIndicatorContainerElement generates and arranges the TrackbarIndicatorElements according the mode of RadTrackBar and the content of the Ranges collection. This class creates a connection between the logical TrackBarRange and its visual representation - TrackBarIndicatorElements.

  • TrackBarIndicatorElements represent a set of TrackBarThumbElement and TrackBarRangeElement. This set represents two thumbs and a line between them.

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