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This article illustrates the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadScrollBar control.

Figure 1: RadScrollBar's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadScrollBar's elements hierarchy

Figure 2: RadScrollBar's visual structure

WinForms RadScrollBar's visual structure

As every control which is build with Telerik Presentation Framework, RadVScrollBar and RadHScrollBar consist of building elements ordered in a tree where property values are inherited in direction from the root to the leaves. The rest of the article discusses the most important nodes for the scroll bar controls.

RadScrollBarElement (the second node in the hierarchy) is an abstraction node so that the element can be used in other controls i.e. RadGridView.

  • The FillPrimitive sets the overall background properties that are inherited by the other elements.

  • The ScrollBarButton elements represent the arrows at both ends of the scroll bar. Each one consists of a FillPrimitive, an ArrowPrimitive, and a BorderPrimitive.

  • The ScrollBarThumb element represents the scroll bar thumb. It consists of a FillPrimitive and a BorderPrimitive.

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