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UI Element Adapters (Extension Sites)

One of the advantages of the Composite UI Application is that it supports the development of shared UI Elements. The module developers can create instances of these elements wherever they need them in their application. In order to interact with a UI Element the developer needs specific adapter. This adapter should be registered under a unique name as an Extension Site. Then the application developer can use this site to identify UI Elements when interacting and adding child elements to the site (e.g. treenodes to a treeview). Telerik CAB Enabling Kit comes with the following UI Element Adapters:

CommandBar Elements

  1. RadCommandBarUIAdapter

RadItem Elements

  1. RadItemCollectionUIAdapter
  1. RadMenuUIAdapter

  2. RadMenuItemsCollectionUIAdapter

RibbondBar Elements

  1. RadRibbonBarUIAdapter

TreeView Elements

  1. RadTreeViewUIAdapter

  2. RadTreeNodeUIAdapter

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