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Properties and Methods

You can find listed below all properties and methods related to RadShortcut.


Property Description
KeyMappings Gets a list with all the Keys that form the shortcut combination. E.g. we may have M+O and a Modifier CTRL, then the valid shortcut will be CTRL+M+O.
Modifiers Gets or sets the Keys value that describes the modifiers for the shortcut.
Ctrl Determines whether the Control modifier key is applied.
Alt Determines whether the Alt modifier key is applied.
Shift Determines whether the Shift modifier key is applied.


Method Description
IsShortcutCombination Determines whether the specified Keys are part of modifiers keys.
IsPartialShortcutCombination Determines whether the specified Keys are part of a shortcut combination. E.g. if we have a key mapping CTRL+M+O and the provided keys are CTRL+M, the method will return true.
IsMappingKey Determines whether the specified key is present in the RadDockShortcut KeyMappings list.
GetDisplayText Gets the human-readable represention of the current key settings.

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