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Layout modes

The RadRichTextBox allows you to choose between several layout modes.


When using the paged mode, the content of the edited document is divided into pages. The size and layout of each page are defined by the DefaultPageLayoutSettings property of the RadDocument and more specifically - the Width and Height properties of the PageLayoutSettings object.

Next, the margins of the control in a page are specified by the PageMargin property of each Section. Since several sections can appear on a single page, the margin properties of the first Section that appears on a certain page would be valid. In Page mode, resizing a RadRichTextBox will not affect the document layout but scrollbars will appear if the document does not fit in the view.


In Flow layout mode, document content is not divided into pages. Instead there is a single page which displays the whole content. This layout option resembles __MS Word’s Web-Layout__mode. Since the document is not constrained in width, changing the control’s width will also resize the content of the document and this will affect its height.


The FlowNoWrap layout mode is similar to the Flow layout mode, but it doesn't allow the text in the separate paragraphs to get wrapped when the free space gets exceeded. Instead a horizontal scroll bar will appear.

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