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The Section class allows you to separate the content into sections. Sections are chunks of the document that can be displayed on one or several pages. Currently only one section in the document is supported and all declared sections are merged into one when the document is measured.

A Section can contain only Paragraph and Table elements. You are also able to customize the section layout by setting its properties.

This topic will explain you how to:

Add Paragraphs to a Section

In order to add paragraphs you have to use the Paragraphs collection of the Section.

Section section = new Section();
Paragraph paragraph = new Paragraph();

Dim section As New Section()
Dim paragraph As New Paragraph()

Customize the Section

The Section exposes several properties that allow you to customize the layout of the elements placed underneath it. Here is a list of these properties:

  • PageMargin - represents the margin towards the edges of the page when in Paged mode.
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