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Working with RadCollapsiblePanel

This article demonstrates how RadCollapsiblePanel can be manipulated via its API.

Important Properties

ExpandDirection - Indicates the direction of the expand animation. The collapse animation is in the opposite direction.


this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Down;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Down

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel RadDirection Down


this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Left;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Left

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel RadDirection Left


this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Right;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Right

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel RadDirection Right


this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Up;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ExpandDirection = RadDirection.Up

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel RadDirection Up

EnableAnimation - Indicates whether to use animation to expand or collapse the control.

this.radCollapsiblePanel1.EnableAnimation = false;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.EnableAnimation = False

ContentSizingMode - Indicates whether the controls container will resize to fit the width or the height of its content.

this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ContentSizingMode = CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentWidth;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ContentSizingMode = CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentWidth

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel FitToContentWidth

this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ContentSizingMode = CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentHeight;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ContentSizingMode = CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentHeight

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel FitToContentHeight

this.radCollapsiblePanel1.ContentSizingMode = CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentWidth | CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentHeight;

Me.RadCollapsiblePanel1.ContentSizingMode = CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentWidth Or CollapsiblePanelContentSizingMode.FitToContentHeight

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel FitToContentWidth or FitToContentHeight

ShowHeaderLine - If true, a line will be displayed in the header which will fill the available space, otherwise it will not be displayed.

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel ShowHeaderLine

HorizontalHeaderAlignment -Determines how the elements in the header to be aligned when it is in a horizontal position:

  • Center

  • Right

  • Left

  • Stretch

VerticalHeaderAlignment - Determines how the elements in the header to be aligned when it is in a vertical position:

  • Center

  • Bottom

  • Top

  • Stretch

AnimationType - Determines the type of the animation when expanding or collapsing the control:

  • Reveal

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel Reveal

  • Slide

WinForms RadCollapsiblePanel Slide

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