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You can configure the tooltip that is displayed when the user hovers over the icon with the TooltipText property. The string set to this property will be shown as a content of the tooltip.

void ShowNotifyIcon()
    RadNotifyIcon radNotifyIcon = new RadNotifyIcon();
    radNotifyIcon.TrayIcon = new System.Drawing.Icon("../../WinForms128x28.ico");
    radNotifyIcon.TooltipText = "Telerik UI for WinForms";
    radNotifyIcon.ShowTrayIcon = true;

Private Sub ShowNotifyIcon()
    Dim radNotifyIcon As RadNotifyIcon = New RadNotifyIcon()
    radNotifyIcon.TrayIcon = New System.Drawing.Icon("../../WinForms128x28.ico")
    radNotifyIcon.TooltipText = "Telerik UI for WinForms"
    radNotifyIcon.ShowTrayIcon = True
End Sub

Figure 1: RadNotifyIcon with Tooltip

RadNotifyIcon with tooltip

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