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Adding and Removing Items

Adding Menu Items

In order to add top level "main" menu items use the RadMenu.Items collection and the RadMenuItem.Items collection for sub menu items. Here are a few examples using overloads of the RadMenuItem. The first uses a parameter-less constructor, assigns the RadMenuItem.Text property and finally adds the menu item to the RadMenu.Items collection. The second example uses the easiest way to include and add menu items all at one time where a constructor that has a single string Text parameter. The last example uses a constructor with a second object Tag parameter that you can store any arbitrary data in.

Figure 1: Adding Menu Items

WinForms RadMenus Adding Menu Items

Constructing and adding menu items

RadMenuItem cdItem = new RadMenuItem();
cdItem.Text = "CDs";
radMenu1.Items.Add(new RadMenuItem("Books"));
int someData = 123;
RadMenuItem dvdItem = new RadMenuItem("DVDs", someData);

Dim cdItem As New RadMenuItem()
cdItem.Text = "CDs"
RadMenu1.Items.Add(New RadMenuItem("Books"))
Dim someData As Integer = 123
Dim dvdItem As New RadMenuItem("DVDs", someData)

Adding Sub Menu Items

Adding sub menu items plays by the same rules as adding items to the RadMenu.Items collection except here we use the Items collection of another RadMenuItem. In the code example below a reference to the first menu item Books is retrieved and several RadMenuItems are added to the Books menu Items collection. Also notice that a Click event handler is attached to the last Bargains menu item.

Figure 2: Adding Sub Menu Items

WinForms RadMenus Adding Sub Menu Items

void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    radMenu1.Items.Add(new RadMenuItem("Books"));
    RadMenuItem item = radMenu1.Items[0] as RadMenuItem;
    item.Items.Add(new RadMenuItem("Best Sellers"));
    item.Items.Add(new RadMenuItem("Reference Books"));
    RadMenuItem bargainItem = new RadMenuItem("Bargains");
    bargainItem.Click += new EventHandler(menuItem_Click);
void menuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadMenuItem item = (sender as RadMenuItem);
    MessageBox.Show(item.Text + " was clicked.");

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    RadMenu1.Items.Add(New RadMenuItem("Books"))
    Dim item As RadMenuItem = TryCast(RadMenu1.Items(0), RadMenuItem)
    item.Items.Add(New RadMenuItem("Best Sellers"))
    item.Items.Add(New RadMenuItem("Reference Books"))
    Dim bargainItem As New RadMenuItem("Bargains")
    AddHandler bargainItem.Click, AddressOf menuItem_Click
End Sub
Private Sub menuItem_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    Dim item As RadMenuItem = (TryCast(sender, RadMenuItem))
    MessageBox.Show(item.Text & " was clicked.")
End Sub

Adding a RadMenuComboItem

RadMenuComboItems are constructed with no parameters and then the ComboBoxElement.Items collection is used to populate the drop-down list.

Figure 3: Adding Combo Item

WinForms RadMenus Adding Combo Item

Adding Combo Sub Item

RadMenuItem bargainItem = new RadMenuItem("Bargains");
RadMenuComboItem comboItem = new RadMenuComboItem();
comboItem.ComboBoxElement.Items.Add(new RadListDataItem("$5 - $10"));
comboItem.ComboBoxElement.Items.Add(new RadListDataItem("$10 - $20"));
comboItem.ComboBoxElement.Items.Add(new RadListDataItem("$20 - $50"));

Dim bargainItem As New RadMenuItem("Bargains")
Dim comboItem As New RadMenuComboItem()
comboItem.ComboBoxElement.Items.Add(New RadListDataItem("$5 - $10"))
comboItem.ComboBoxElement.Items.Add(New RadListDataItem("$10 - $20"))
comboItem.ComboBoxElement.Items.Add(New RadListDataItem("$20 - $50"))


For best performance when performing long running operations, such as loading a number of menu items from a database, call the BeginInit() and EndInit() methods to suspend layout of the menu.

Suspending the layout

// ... perform operations

' ... perform operations

Removing Menu Items

Remove items from the items collection using Remove() or RemoveAt() methods. RemoveAt() takes integer position of the item in the collection, Remove() takes a reference to the menu item to be removed.

Removing items

// remove second item in collection
// Remove the zero-ith ite

' remove second item in collection
' Remove the zero-ith ite

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