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Basic Selection

RadGridView provides you with a selection functionality, which allows the user to select one or more items (rows or cells) from the data displayed by the control.

The selection mechanism can be controlled programmatically as well. For more information, take a look at the topic Selecting Rows and Cells Programmatically.

Basic row selection

By default RadGridView allows the user to select only one row. In this case the default property settings are:

radGridView1.MultiSelect = false;
radGridView1.SelectionMode = GridViewSelectionMode.FullRowSelect;

RadGridView1.MultiSelect = False
RadGridView1.SelectionMode = GridViewSelectionMode.FullRowSelect

To select an item in RadGridView click in the rectangle area of the desired row.

WinForms RadGridView Basic Selecion

Basic Cell Selection

You can modify RadGridView to select single cells instead of rows by setting its SelectionMode property to CellSelect from the GridViewSelectionMode enumeration:

radGridView1.MultiSelect = false;
radGridView1.SelectionMode = GridViewSelectionMode.CellSelect;

RadGridView1.MultiSelect = False
RadGridView1.SelectionMode = GridViewSelectionMode.CellSelect

After setting these properties, to select a cell in RadGridView, click the desired cell.

WinForms RadGridView Cell Selection

Selected items

Once an item is selected (row or cell), you can find this item in the SelectedRows and SelectedCells collections respectively. The following code describes how to access those collections:

GridViewSelectedRowsCollection selectedRows = radGridView1.SelectedRows;
GridViewSelectedCellsCollection selectedCells = radGridView1.SelectedCells;

Dim selectedRows As GridViewSelectedRowsCollection = RadGridView1.SelectedRows
Dim selectedCells As GridViewSelectedCellsCollection = RadGridView1.SelectedCells


There are two events relevant to the selection: SelectionChanged, CurrentCellChanged. The sequence of the is as follows – the CurrentCellChanged is fired first and after that the SelectionChangedEvent event fires.


Once an item is selected, it automatically becomes current (when basic selection is used). This means that if you select the first row (cell) of RadGridView, its IsCurrent property will be automatically set to true and CurrentRow (CurrentCell) property of RadGridView will hold an instance of this row (respectively cell). The following example demonstrates how to access the CurrentRow and CurrentCell properties and additionally the IsCurrent property of a row or a cell:

//gets an instance of the current row
GridViewRowInfo row = radGridView1.CurrentRow;
//gets an instance of the current cell
GridDataCellElement cell = radGridView1.CurrentCell;
//gets or sets if the first row of radGridView1 is current or not
radGridView1.Rows[0].IsCurrent = true;

'gets an instance of the current row
Dim row As GridViewRowInfo = RadGridView1.CurrentRow
'gets an instance of the current cell
Dim cell As GridDataCellElement = RadGridView1.CurrentCell
'gets or sets if the first row of radGridView1 is current or not
RadGridView1.Rows(0).IsCurrent = True

When basic selection is used, the opposite is also valid – if you set the CurrentRow or CurrentCell (or the IsCurrent property to true for a cell or row) in RadGridView and only if basic selection is used (MultiSelect = false ), the selected row(cell) will be the same as the current row(cell).

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