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Save/Load layout buttons in the Property Grid

RadGridView settings can be saved and loaded at design time and there is a fine-grained control over which settings you want to include/exclude from the generated XML file. Thus if you are using multiple grids, you can use the same settings over and over again which saves time.

Load Settings form file and Save Settings to file buttons are located in the lower left corner of RadGridView Property Builder:

gridview-save-and-load-layout-save-load-layout-buttons-in-the-property-grid 001

When you click on Save, Settings to file the Save Layout dialog appears:

gridview-save-and-load-layout-save-load-layout-buttons-in-the-property-grid 002

The label in the upper part of the dialog describes its function:

All checked properties will be included in the serialization. Uncheck the ones you want excluded. Properties which are not shown in the list will be persisted.

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