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Resizing Rows

RadGridView provides the end-users with the opportunity to change the height of the rows within the grid. The following sections describe how to change different row heights.

GridTableElement Height

 this.radGridView1.TableElement.RowHeight = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.TableElement.RowHeight = 50

WinForms RadGridView Resized Rows

GridViewRowInfo offers three properties that allow you specifying the height of an individual data row: Height, MinHeight, MaxHeight. It controls the current height of the row, its minimum and maximum height respectively.

Search Row Height

this.radGridView1.AllowSearchRow = true; 
this.radGridView1.TableElement.SearchRowHeight = 50;

 Me.RadGridView1.AllowSearchRow = true
 Me.RadGridView1.TableElement.SearchRowHeight = 50

WinForms RadGridView Search Row Height

New Row Height

this.radGridView1.MasterView.TableAddNewRow.Height = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.MasterView.TableAddNewRow.Height = 50

WinForms RadGridView New Row Height

TableHeader Height

this.radGridView1.TableElement.TableHeaderHeight = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.TableElement.TableHeaderHeight = 50

WinForms RadGridView TableHeader Height

Pinned Row Height

this.radGridView1.Rows[0].IsPinned = true;
this.radGridView1.Rows[1].IsPinned = true;
this.radGridView1.Rows[2].IsPinned = true;
this.radGridView1.MasterView.PinnedRows[1].Height = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.Rows(0).IsPinned = True
Me.RadGridView1.Rows(1).IsPinned = True
Me.RadGridView1.Rows(2).IsPinned = True
Me.RadGridView1.MasterView.PinnedRows(1).Height = 50

WinForms RadGridView Pinned Row Height

Filtering Row Height

this.radGridView1.MasterTemplate.EnableFiltering = true;
this.radGridView1.TableElement.FilterRowHeight = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.MasterTemplate.EnableFiltering = True
Me.RadGridView1.TableElement.FilterRowHeight = 50

WinForms RadGridView Filtering Row Height

Group Header Height

this.radGridView1.TableElement.GroupHeaderHeight = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.TableElement.GroupHeaderHeight = 50

WinForms RadGridView Group Header Height

Summary Row Height

this.radGridView1.MasterView.SummaryRows[0].Height = 50;

Me.RadGridView1.MasterView.SummaryRows(0).Height = 50

WinForms RadGridView Summary Row Height

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