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Sorting group rows

By default, when you perform grouping, RadGridView sorts the created group rows alphabetically. This article demonstrates how to customize the groups sort order.

Consider the RadGridView is bound to a list of custom objects. If you group by DepartmentId you will notice that the group rows are sorted alphabetically as this property is typeof(string).

Figure 1: Alphabetical sort order

WinForms RadGridView Alphabetical sort order

However, you can change this sort order by using a group comparer. It is necessary to create a class that implements the IComparer> interface where you should return an integer number in the implemented Compare method. The following code snippet illustrates how to order the group rows considering the integer value, not the string:

Custom group comparer

public class GroupComparer : IComparer<Group<GridViewRowInfo>>
    public int Compare(Group<GridViewRowInfo> x, Group<GridViewRowInfo> y)
        int parsedX;
        int parsedY;
        if (int.TryParse(((object[])x.Key).First().ToString(), out parsedX) &&
            int.TryParse(((object[])y.Key).First().ToString(), out parsedY))
            int result = parsedX.CompareTo(parsedY);
            DataGroup xGroup = x as DataGroup;
            if (xGroup != null && ((DataGroup)x).GroupDescriptor.GroupNames.First().Direction == ListSortDirection.Descending)
                 result *= -1;
            return result;
        return ((object[])x.Key)[0].ToString().CompareTo(((object[])y.Key)[0].ToString());

Public Class GroupComparer
    Implements IComparer(Of Group(Of GridViewRowInfo))
    Public Function [Compare](x As Group(Of GridViewRowInfo), y As Group(Of GridViewRowInfo)) As Integer _
    Implements IComparer(Of Group(Of GridViewRowInfo)).[Compare]
        Dim parsedX As Integer
        Dim parsedY As Integer
        If Integer.TryParse(DirectCast(x.Key, Object()).First().ToString(), parsedX) AndAlso Integer.TryParse(DirectCast(y.Key, Object()).First().ToString(), parsedY) Then
            Dim result As Integer = parsedX.CompareTo(parsedY)
            Dim xGroup As DataGroup = TryCast(x, DataGroup)
            If xGroup IsNot Nothing AndAlso DirectCast(x, DataGroup).GroupDescriptor.GroupNames.First().Direction = ListSortDirection.Descending Then
                result *= -1
            End If
            Return result
        End If
        Return DirectCast(x.Key, Object())(0).ToString().CompareTo(DirectCast(y.Key, Object())(0).ToString())
    End Function
End Class

The last thing you need to do is to replace the default MasterTemplate.GroupComparer with your custom one:

Custom group comparer

this.radGridView1.MasterTemplate.GroupComparer = new GroupComparer();

Me.RadGridView1.MasterTemplate.GroupComparer = New GroupComparer()

Figure 2: Custom Sort Order of Group Rows

WinForms RadGridView Custom sort order of group rows

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