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The end-user can drag column headings to the grouping panel at the top of the grid to group by the column:

gridview-end-user-capabilities-grouping 001

To un-group, click the close button of the group header button:

gridview-end-user-capabilities-grouping 002

The user can also right-click a column and select Group by this Column from the context menu:

gridview-end-user-capabilities-grouping 003

Multiple levels of grouping can be created by dragging additional column names to the grouping panel. Column names can be rearranged within the panel by dragging. In the screenshot below the top level grouping is by CategoryID and the second by ProductName.

gridview-end-user-capabilities-grouping 004

Multiple groups can be created on the same level as shown in the example below:

gridview-end-user-capabilities-grouping 005

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