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Cell Types

Depending on the column type RadGridView uses different cells in order to display the respective data in the most suitable way. GridViewDataColumn is the basic column type from which all data columns derive. Considering the row, the column uses different cell elements, e.g. the header row uses a header cell, the filter row uses a filter cell, the summary row uses a summary cell, etc.

All columns together with the respective cell type for the different rows are listed in the following tables:

  • GridViewRowHeaderColumn - the left-most column in the grid. Used to mark whether a row is current/in edit mode/etc.
RowType Cell Type
GridViewTableHeaderRowInfo GridTableHeaderCellElement
other GridRowHeaderCellElement
  • GridViewIndentColumn - presents indentation between levels in grouping
RowType Cell Type
GridViewTableHeaderRowInfo GridHeaderIndentCellElement
other GridIndentCellElement
  • GridViewGroupColumn - presents group of columns
RowType Cell Type
GridViewTableHeaderRowInfo GridColumnGroupCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewTableHeaderRowInfo GridHeaderCellElement
GridViewFilteringRowInfo GridFilterCellElement
GridViewSummaryRowInfo GridSummaryCellElement
GridViewGroupRowInfo GridGroupContentCellElement
other GridDataCellElement

Note that if the row and the respective cell are not specified for a certain column the default ones for the GridViewDataColumn are used.

RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridBrowseCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridBrowseCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridCalculatorCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridCalculatorCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewFilteringRowInfo GridFilterCheckBoxCellElement
GridViewTableHeaderRowInfo GridCheckBoxHeaderCellElement
GridViewDataRowInfo GridCheckBoxCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridCheckBoxCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridColorCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridColorCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridComboBoxCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridComboBoxCellElement
GridViewFilteringRowInfo GridFilterComboBoxCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridCommandCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridCommandCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridDateTimeCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridDateTimeCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridHyperlinkCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridHyperlinkCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridImageCellElement
GridViewNewRowInfo GridImageCellElement
RowType Cell Type
GridViewDataRowInfo GridRatingCellElement

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