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Since R3 2018 SP1 RadGridView supports displaying a Title(Caption). By default the Title is displayed on top. The position and the alignment of the title text can be easily changed.

WinForms RadGridView Title Text

Showing the Title

To show the title just set the TitleText property. In addition the following snippet shows how you can set the font and the ForeColor.

radGridView1.TitleText = "Customers";
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.ForeColor = Color.DarkRed;
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.Font = new Font("Consolas", 12, FontStyle.Bold);

radGridView1.TitleText = "Customers"
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.ForeColor = Color.DarkRed
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.Font = New Font("Consolas", 12, FontStyle.Bold)

If the TitleText is set to an empty string, the GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement is collapsed. Otherwise, it is always shown and if you need to hide it, it is necessary to manage the GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.Visibility property.

Changing the Position of the Title

To change the position you can use the TitlePosition property. In addition you can set the FlipText property. The TitleLabelElement property allows you to access the actual label element. This element is a LightVisualElement which is capable of displaying text and image.

radGridView1.TitlePosition = Telerik.WinControls.Layouts.Dock.Left;
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.TextOrientation = Orientation.Vertical;
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.FlipText = true;

radGridView1.TitlePosition = Telerik.WinControls.Layouts.Dock.Left
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.TextOrientation = Orientation.Vertical
radGridView1.GridViewElement.TitleLabelElement.FlipText = True

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