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Link Type Converter

When binding RadGanttView there are a number of possible formats for storing data. For most of the standard .NET types used in gantt view (int, string, DateTime, decimal) there are built-in converters to help you when binding. For the types of the link, you have to convert your data to the TasksLinkType enumeration. To help you achieve this we have provided a basic implementation to convert integer data to the enumeration. Here is the mapping:

  • 0 translates to TasksLinkType.FinishToFinish

  • 1 translates to TasksLinkType.FinishToStart

  • 2 translates to TasksLinkType.StartToFinish

  • 3 translates to TasksLinkType. StartToStart

This will work fine if your mapping is the same but if you store your link types in a different format or the integer values are in different order you can create your own LinkTypeConverter deriving from the default one. In the following examples we will create one that will convert from/to string for the following mapping:

  • “FF” translates to TasksLinkType.FinishToFinish

  • “FS” translates to TasksLinkType.FinishToStart

  • “SF” translates to TasksLinkType.StartToFinish

  • “SS” translates to TasksLinkType. StartToStart

public class MyLinkTypeConverter : LinkTypeConverter
    public override TasksLinkType ConvertToLinkType(object value)
        string stringVlaue = Convert.ToString(value);
        switch (stringVlaue)
            case "FF":
                return TasksLinkType.FinishToFinish;
            case "FS":
                return TasksLinkType.FinishToStart;
            case "SF":
                return TasksLinkType.StartToFinish;
            case "SS":
                return TasksLinkType.StartToStart;
        return base.ConvertToLinkType(value);
    public override object ConvertFromLinkType(TasksLinkType linkType)
        switch (linkType)
            case TasksLinkType.FinishToFinish:
                return "FF";
            case TasksLinkType.FinishToStart:
                return "FS";
            case TasksLinkType.StartToFinish:
                return "SF";
            case TasksLinkType.StartToStart:
                return "SS";
        return base.ConvertFromLinkType(linkType);

Public Class MyLinkTypeConverter
    Inherits LinkTypeConverter
    Public Overrides Function ConvertToLinkType(value As Object) As TasksLinkType
        Dim stringVlaue As String = Convert.ToString(value)
        Select Case stringVlaue
            Case "FF"
                Return TasksLinkType.FinishToFinish
            Case "FS"
                Return TasksLinkType.FinishToStart
            Case "SF"
                Return TasksLinkType.StartToFinish
            Case "SS"
                Return TasksLinkType.StartToStart
        End Select
        Return MyBase.ConvertToLinkType(value)
    End Function
    Public Overrides Function ConvertFromLinkType(linkType As TasksLinkType) As Object
        Select Case linkType
            Case TasksLinkType.FinishToFinish
                Return "FF"
            Case TasksLinkType.FinishToStart
                Return "FS"
            Case TasksLinkType.StartToFinish
                Return "SF"
            Case TasksLinkType.StartToStart
                Return "SS"
        End Select
        Return MyBase.ConvertFromLinkType(linkType)
    End Function
End Class

Now to use the converter you should assign it to the LinkTypeConverter property of RadGanttView.

this.radGanttView1.LinkTypeConverter = new MyLinkTypeConverter();

Me.RadGanttView1.LinkTypeConverter = New MyLinkTypeConverter()

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