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Property Description
Text Gets or sets the text associated with this item.
CanManageOwnerForm Gets or sets a boolean value that determines whether the title bar can manage the owner form.
AllowResize Allow form's resize
ImageIcon An Icon that represents the icon for the form.
TitleBarElement Gets the instance of RadTitleBarElement wrapped by this control. RadTitleBarElement is the main element in the hierarchy tree and encapsulates the actual functionality of RadTitleBar.


Event Description
Minimize Fires when a minimize action is performed by the user (the minimize button is pressed).
Close Fires when a close action is performed by the user (the close button is pressed).
MaximizeRestore Fires when a maximize/restore action is performed by the user (maximizes button is pressed or the title bar is double clicked).
MinimizeInTheTray Fires when the minimize in the tray button is pressed. It is hidden by default. Use the Visual Style Builder to set which elements are visible and design their visual appearance.

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