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Property Description
Text The text associated with this control which is displayed in the title bar.
FormElement Gets the RadFormElement instance that represents the element hierarchy which builds the RadForm appearance.
IconScaling Gets or sets the scaling mode of the form's icon.
AllowTheming Gets or sets a Boolean value indicating whether the Form customizes its NC area when under Vista with Composition enabled.
ShowIcon Gets or sets a value indicating whether an icon is displayed in the caption bar of the form.
FormBorderStyle Gets or sets the FormBorderStyle of the Form.
FormBehavior Gets the behavior associated with this form.
FormElement.TitleBar Gets the RadFormTitleBarElement of the RadFormElement.
FormElement.Border Gets the BorderPrimitive of the RadFormElement.
FormElement.ImageBorder Gets the FormImageBorderPrimitive of the RadFormElement.
FormElement.MdiControlStrip Gets the MdiControlStrip item that should appear below the title bar when a MDI child is maximized.


Method Description
Close Closes the form.
Show Shows the form.
ShowDialog Shows the form as a modal dialog box.


Event Description
Load Occurs before a form is displayed for the first time.
Shown Occurs whenever the form is first displayed.
FormClosing Occurs before the form is closed.
FormClosed Occurs after the form is closed.

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