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RadTextBox shares most of the properties of the standard Windows Forms text box, including:

Property Description
BackColor Gets or sets the background color of the control.
ForeColor Gets or sets the fore color of the text.
Text Gets or sets the current text in the control.
CharacterCasing specifies whether the user can type upper-case, lower-case, or both.
MaxLength sets the maximum number of characters that can be typed into the control.
MultiLine controls whether multiple lines of text can be displayed in the control.
UseSystemPasswordChar Gets or sets a value indicating whether the text should appear as the default password character.
ShowClearButton Gets or sets a value indicating whether the clear button is shown.
NullText Gets or sets the text that is displayed when the textbox contains no text.
ShowNullText Gets or sets a value indicating whether the null text will be shown when the control is focused and the text is empty.


RadTextBox has a NullText property that is not shared by the standard Windows Forms text box. This property specifies what text to be displayed when the control has no Text value.

Figure 1: Using the null text.

editors-textbox-programming-radtextbox 001

By default, when the control receives focus, this text is automatically removed. This behavior can be controlled by the ShowNullText property. If it is set to true the NullText will be shown even when the text box is focused until you enter some text in the editor.

ShowNullText=false ShowNullText=true
editors-textbox-programming-radtextbox 003 editors-textbox-programming-radtextbox 004

Since R1 2017 RadTextBox can show a clear button when there is some text in the editor. This is controlled by the ShowClearButton property.

editors-textbox-programming-radtextbox 002

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