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Properties, Events and Methods

This article describes the most commonly used properties, events and methods.


  • AssociatedControl: this property should be used for assigning of the RadPopupContainer that will be visible in the drop down.

  • DropDownMinSize: Gets or sets the popup minimum size.

  • DropDownMaxSize: Gets or sets the popup maximum size.

  • ShowTextBox: Indicates if the text box will be visible.

  • TextBoxElement: Gives access to the underlying text box.

  • DropDownStyle: Gets or sets the drop down style. The possible values are DropDown and DropDownList.

  • Popup: Gives you access to the popup instance.

  • PopupForm: Gives you access to the underlying RadPopupControlBase instance.

  • PopupEditorElement: Allows you to access the editor elements and change its properties.

  • Text: Gets or sets the text of the TextBoxElement.

  • DropDownSizingMode: Controls the sizing grips configuration. The following values can be used:

    1. UpDownAndRightBottom: The both sizing grips are visible.

    2. UpDown: The middle sizing grip is visible, the popup can be resized vertically.

    3. RightBottom: The sizing grip in the right bottom part of the popup is visible. The popup can be resized in all directions.

    4. None: The popup cannot be resized, no sizing grips are visible.


  • PopupOpening: Fires before the popup is opened.

  • PopupOpened: Fires after the popup is opened.

  • PopupClosing: Fires before the popup is closed.

  • PopupClosed: Fires after the popup is closed.


  • ClosePopup: This method can be used for closing the popup, it has two overrides. The first one does not take any parameters. The second is taking RadPopupCloseReason as parameter. The specified reason will be passed as an argument to the closing events. The method can be used as follows:

Close Popup



  • ShowPopup: This method can be used for programmatically showing the popup.

Show Popup



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