RadListControl has a SelectionMode property that can be used to constrain the selection in different ways The available modes are:

  • None: The None mode is pretty self descriptive. It does not allow selecting items at all.
  • One: The One means that only one item can be selected at a time.
  • MultiSimple: It allows toggling the selected state of an item by clicking on it or pressing the space bar. Using the keyboard arrow keys in MultiSimple mode moves only the active item. The active item is different than the normal and selected items. It has no fill color, only an outline. There can be only one active item at any given moment.
  • MultiExtended: It is a combination of One and MultiSimple and on top of that provides the ability to select a range of items. MultiExtended by default behaves like One. When the Control key is pressed, it behaves like MultiSimple and when the Shift key is pressed, it allows the user to select a range of items starting from the currently selected item and ending with the clicked item.
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