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If the RadListDataItems cannot fit in the pop up, a vertical scroll bar appears so that they can be scrolled and later selected. RadListControl provides three scrolling modes that can be used depending on user preferences: Discrete, Smooth and Deferred. It is controlled by the ScrollMode property.

ScrollMode Description Scrolling Behavior
Discrete Defines scrolling by only one item at a time. dropdown-and-listcontrol-listcontrol-features-scrolling 001
Smooth Sets scrolling by pixel, meaning that an item can be partially visible. dropdown-and-listcontrol-listcontrol-features-scrolling 002
Deferred Does not cause GUI updates until the user finishes the scrolling operation. dropdown-and-listcontrol-listcontrol-features-scrolling 003


This feature ensures that the control is ready for modern touch-screen applications. It can be attached by simply setting the EnableKineticScrolling property to true.

Figure 1: Enable Kinetic Scrolling

dropdown-and-listcontrol-listcontrol-features-scrolling 004

Programmatically Scrolling

The RadListControl.ListElement provides out of the box functionality for programmatically scrolling its content. The available methods are:

  • ScrollToItem: Scrolls to a specific item.

  • ScrollToActiveItem: Scrolls to the active item if it is not null and if it is not fully visible.

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