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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadFontDropDownList control.

RadFontDropDownList is a derivative of RadPopupEditor and it internally uses a grouped RadListView with default ViewType set to DetailsView. Two columns are displayed in the pop up list - while the first column stores the font name, the second column shows a preview of the respective font.

Figure 1: RadFontDropDownList's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadFontDropDownList RadFontDropDownList's Elements HierarchyWinForms RadFontDropDownList RadFontDropDownList's elements hierarchy

Figure 2: RadFontDropDownList's structure

WinForms RadFontDropDownList RadFontDropDownList's Structure

  1. RadPopupContainerForm - represents the pop up container that hosts the RadListViewElement.
  2. DetailListViewGroupVisualItem - represents a visual element for the group item (e.g. Recently Used Fonts and All Fonts items).
  3. DetailListViewVisualItem - represents a visual item illustrating a font option in the pop up.
  4. RadDropDownListEditableAreaElement - represents the editable area.
  5. RadDropDownListArrowButtonElement - represents the arrow button that open the fonts pop up

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