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Property Description
SelectOnHover Enable or disables the preview font functionality.
FontListView This property returns the underlying RadListView.
PreviewFont Gets the hovered font when the drop down is opened.
SelectedFont This property gets or sets the selected font.
RecentlyUsedItemsCount This property controls the number of items displayed in the Recently Used Fonts group.
ShowRecentlyUsedFonts This property shows/hides the Recently Used Fonts group.


Event Description
SelectedFontChanged Fires when the selected font is changed.
PreviewFontChanged Fires when the hovered font is changed.

RadFontPopupEditorElement's Properties

Property Description
FontNames Returns a list that contains all system fonts.
AllFontsItemText Allows you to localize the text of the All Fonts group.
RecentlyUsedItemText Allows you to localize the text of the Recently Used group.

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