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FontDropDownList Localization

RadFontDropDownList has only two string that can be localized and these are the groups header in the popup. Each string has a property that can be used for changing and localizing the default string. The following example shows how access these properties and change their values.

Localizing RadFontDropDownList

var element = radFontDropDownList1.PopupEditorElement as RadFontPopupEditorElement;
element.AllFontsItemText = "All Fonts";
element.RecentlyUsedItemText = "Recently Used Fonts";

Dim element = TryCast(RadFontDropDownList1.PopupEditorElement, RadFontPopupEditorElement)
element.AllFontsItemText = "All Fonts"
element.RecentlyUsedItemText = "Recently Used Fonts"

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