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Printing Support

RadDiagram provides options to print its content by using a RadPrintDocument.

RadDiagram Print Support

RadDiagram has two public methods available for printing - Print() and PrintPreview(). The first method will directly send a print job to the default printer with the settings currently saved in the PrintStyle property. This method has one overload available which can show a system PrintDialog with the available printers and their options.



The other available method is PrintPreview(), which opens RadPrintPreviewDialog.



Figure 1: RadDiagram PrintPreview

WinForms RadDiagram RadDiagramPrintPreview

RadDiagram supports pages preview canvas. The default look and size of the page preview canvas is demonstrated in the next snapshot:

Figure 2: The PagesPreview canvas in a zoomed RadDiagram

WinForms RadDiagram The PagesPreview canvas in a Zoomed RadDiagram

In order to modify it, you can change some or all of the following properties:

  • LineStroke - this property is of type Brush and it specifies how the PagesPreview canvas outline is painted.

  • LineStrokeDashArray - this property gets or sets a collection of Double values that indicate the pattern of dashes and gaps that is used to outline the DiagramElement.BackgroundPageGrid.

  • LineStrokeThickness - this property is of type double and it gets or sets the thickness of the DiagramElement.BackgroundPageGrid.

  • PageSize - controls the size of the DiagramElement.BackgroundPageGrid.

By default, the PageSize property is set to Size(1092, 763) . Note that the default printer may have different page size applied.

If you place shapes on different pages, these pages will be printed as well: WinForms RadDiagram diagram-features-printing-support 003 WinForms RadDiagram diagram-features-printing-support 004

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