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Design Time Data Binding

This tutorial will show you how to bind RadDiagram from the Visual Studio design time surface, by only using the RadDiagram design-time support, and without writing any code. The tutorial uses a data base containing two tables illustrated below:

WinForms RadDiagram Design Time Data Binding

Follow the steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio and start a new Windows Forms project. Open the form, created by the project.

  2. Drag a RadDiagram from the toolbox to your form.

  3. Select RadDiagram and open its ActionList (smart tag). In it, there is a DataSource property. Select the Add Project Data Source... link. This step will display the Data Source Configuration Wizard.

    WinForms RadDiagram ActionList Smart Tag

  4. In the Data Source Configuration Wizard >> Choose a Data Source Type page, select the Database icon. Click the Next button.

    WinForms RadDiagram Configuration Wizard

  5. In the Choose Your data Connection page click the New Connection... button. This step will display the Add Connection dialog.

    WinForms RadDiagram Data Connection

  6. Select the Microsoft Access Database File data source. After specifying the Database file name, click the OK button to close the Change Data Source dialog.

    WinForms RadDiagram MS Access Database File

  7. In the Choose Your Database Objects page, select the "Shapes" and "Connections" check-boxes. Click the Finish button to close the Data Source Configuration Wizard.

    WinForms RadDiagram Database Objects

  8. In the Smart tag >> DataSource drop down, select the "Shapes" table. This step will create DataSet, BindingSource and TableAdapter objects for the shapes table. Repeat the same step for the "Connections" table.

    WinForms RadDiagram DataSource

  9. Select the generated DataSet for the DataSource property.

    WinForms RadDiagram DataSet

  10. In the smart tag or in the properties window set the member properties in the following way.

    WinForms RadDiagram Member Properties

  11. Run the application

    WinForms RadDiagram Design Time Data Binding Sample

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