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RadCardView allows grouping of its CardViewItems and it can be enabled by using the EnableGrouping property of the control. An example with custom grouping is demonstrated in the Populating Data Programmatically section of the Unbound Mode article.

Enable Grouping

this.radCardView1.EnableGrouping = true;
this.radCardView1.ShowGroups = true;

Me.RadCardView1.EnableGrouping = True
Me.RadCardView1.ShowGroups = True

Once the grouping is enabled, we have to create a new GroupDescriptor and assign its PropertyName and ListSortDirection. Let's group the items by Address in Descending direction.

Group by Column

GroupDescriptor groupByAddress = new GroupDescriptor(new SortDescriptor[] {
     new SortDescriptor("Address", ListSortDirection.Descending),});

Dim groupByAddress As New GroupDescriptor(New SortDescriptor() {New SortDescriptor("Address", ListSortDirection.Descending)})

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