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RoundedRectangle Properties

The RoundedRectangle type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyBitState
Gets the RadBitVector64 structure that holds all the bit states of the object.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyBottom
Protected propertyEvents
Provides a simple list of delegates.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyHeight
Public propertyIsDisposed
Determines whether the object is already disposed.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyIsDisposing
Determines whether the object is in a process of being disposed of.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public propertyIsEmpty
Public propertyLeft
Public propertyLocation
Public propertyRadius
Public propertyRawRoundedRectangle
Protected propertyRectangle
Public propertyRight
Public propertySize
Public propertyTop
Public propertyWidth
Public propertyX
Public propertyY
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