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StyleChartDataTable Properties

The StyleChartDataTable type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutoTextWrap
Specifies text wrap property for texts in Data Table
Public propertyBorder
Specifies the border style
(Inherited from Style.)
Public propertyCellHeight
Specifies data table cell height
Public propertyCellWidth
Specifies data table cell width
Public propertyDimensions
Specifies the elements Dimensions property
(Inherited from LayoutStyle.)
Public propertyDrawHorizontalLines
Should horizontal lines be rendered
Public propertyDrawLines
Hide/show all lines
Public propertyDrawVerticalLines
Should vertical lines be rendered
Public propertyFigure
Specifies the figure property
Public propertyFillStyle
Specifies the background property
Public propertyPosition
Specifies the elements Position property
(Inherited from LayoutStyle.)
Public propertyRenderType
Specifies data table rendering type
Public propertyShadow
Specifies the shadow settings
(Inherited from Style.)
Public propertyTextHorizontalAlign
Specifies text horizontal alignment
Public propertyTextProperties
Specifies the text properties
Public propertyTextVerticalAlign
Specifies text vertical alignment
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase
Gets if view sate should ignore case
(Inherited from StateManagedObject.)
Public propertyVisible
Specifies DataTable visibility
(Overrides StyleVisible.)
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