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ChartSeriesItem Properties

The ChartSeriesItem type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveRegion
Active region
Public propertyAppearance
Link to visualization and design properties
Public propertyContainer
Link to container element
(Inherited from RenderedObject.)
Public propertyEmpty
Is series item contains empty value
Public propertyIndex
Index in items collection
Public propertyLabel
Item label
Public propertyName
ChartSeriesItem name
Public propertyParent
Parent element
Public propertyPointAppearance
Point appearance settings
Protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase
Gets if view sate should ignore case
(Inherited from StateManagedObject.)
Public propertyVisible
Specifies whether the series item should be rendered.
Public propertyXValue
Main X value
Public propertyXValue2
Second x value for item
Public propertyYValue
Main Y value for item
Public propertyYValue2
Second y value for item
Public propertyYValue3
Third y value for item (could be used in CandleStick charts as High value)
Public propertyYValue4
Fourth y value for item (could be used in CandleStick charts as Low value)
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