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Telerik.WinForms.Spreadsheet.Zip Namespace
Public classBlockTransformBase
Base class for all block transformations.
Public classCompressedStream
Represents stream which allows read/write compressed information from/to given input stream.
Public classCompressionSettings
Base class for the compression settings.
Public classDefaultCryptoProvider
Crypto provider which implements traditional PKWARE encryption.
Public classDefaultEncryptionSettings
Encryption settings for the default cryptographic provider (traditional PKWARE encryption.
Public classDeflateSettings
Compression settings of the Deflate method.
Public classEncryptionSettings
Base class for the encryption settings.
Public classInvalidDataException
The exception that is thrown when a data stream is in an invalid format.
Public classLzmaSettings
Compression settings of the Deflate method.
Public classOperationStream
Operational stream. Base class for cryptographic and compression streams.
Public classPlatformSettings
Static class which provides access to the platform-specific settings for all parts of the ZIP library.
Public classStoreSettings
Compression settings of the Store method.
Public classTransformationHeader
Represents header of the transformation. The extra data precedes the transformed data which provides some additional information about transformation (compression or encryption).
Public classZipArchive
Represents a package of compressed files in the zip archive format.
Public classZipArchiveEntry
Represents a compressed file within a zip archive.
Public classZipInputStream
Represents a stream that can read from a compressed stream.
Public classZipOutputStream
Represents a stream that can write into a compressed stream.
Public classZipPackage
Represents the ZipPackage class.
Public classZipPackageEntry
Represents the ZipPackageEntry class.
Public interfaceIBlockTransform
Defines the basic operations of the cryptographic or compression transformations.
Public interfaceICryptoProvider
Interface which provides method to encrypt/decrypt data in the ZIP archive.
Public interfaceIPlatformManager
Interface which provides platform-specific operations.
Public enumerationCompressedStreamHeader
Specifies values for header type of the compressed stream.
Public enumerationCompressionLevel
The compression level to be used for compression of data.
Public enumerationCompressionMethod
Specifies values that indicate compression method.
Public enumerationCompressionType
Represents the compression types.
Public enumerationLzmaMatchFinderType
Specifies values for a type of the match finder for LZMA compression.
Public enumerationStreamOperationMode
Operational mode of the cryptographic and compression streams.
Public enumerationZipArchiveMode
Specifies values for interacting with zip archive entries.
Public enumerationZipCompression
Represents the compression methods.