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Telerik.WinControls.UI.Diagrams Namespace
Public classAdditionalContentActivatedEventArgs
Event args used holding the ContextItems for SettingsPaneView. They are used in RadDiagramAdditionalContentActivated events.
Public classBitmapImage
Public classBitmapSource
Public classBitmapUtils
Bitmap utilities.
Public classCanvas
Public classColors
Implements a set of predefined colors.
Public classCommandRoutedEventArgs
Represents command routed event args.
Public classCommonExtensions
Public classConnectionRoutedEventArgs
Represents connection routed event args.
Public classConnectionSerializationRoutedEventArgs
Represents connection serialization routed event args.
Public classConnectorActivationChangedEventArgs
Represents ConnectorActivation routed event args.
Public classConnectorRoutedEventArgs
Represents connector routed event args.
Public classContentControl
Public classDataTransferService
Default implementation of the IDataTransferService.
Public classDiagramAnimations
Contains diagram animations attached properties.
Public classDiagramBehaviors
Represents a class containing diagram behaviors exposed via attached properties.
Public classDiagramCommands
This static class lists all Diagram public Commands.
Public classDiagramExtensions
Some RadDiagram related extensions and utilities.
Public classDiagramItemsChangedEventArgs
Represents ItemsChanged event args.
Public classDiagramItemsChangingEventArgs
Represents ItemsChanging event args.
Public classDiagramItemsRoutedEventArgs
Represents items routed event args.
Public classDiagramLayoutRoutedEventArgs
The event argument supplied when the diagram layout event is raised.
Public classDiagramSerializationRoutedEventArgs
Represents serialization routed event args.
Public classDiagramSurface
Represents the diagram surface.
Public classDiagramZoomEventArgs
Encapsulates data related to diagram zoom events.
Public classDispatcher
Public classDispatcherExtensions
Public classDispatcherTimer
Public classDoubleCollection
Public classDragCompletedEventArgs
Public classDragDeltaEventArgs
Public classDragRoutedEventArgs
Represents drag routed event args.
Public classDragStartedEventArgs
Public classExtensionCommandsInitializationAttribute
Static constructor of classes with this attribute will be invoked by the static constructor of RadDiagram.
Public classFontFamily
Represents a family of related fonts.
Public classFontFamilyConverter
Public classFontStyleConverter
Public classFontStyles
Provides a set of static predefined FontStyle values.
Public classFontWeightConverter
Public classFontWeights
Provides a set of static predefined FontWeight values.
Public classFrameworkElement
Public classGDIPaintingContext
Public classGeometryExtensions
Methods related to planar geometry.
Public classGeometryGroup
Public classHTMLExportHelper
Public classImage
Public classItemsManipulationRoutedEventArgs
Represents ItemsManipulation event args.
Public classItemVisibilityToVisibilityConverter
Converts ItemVisibility to System.Windows.Visibility and vice versa.
Public classKeyboard
Public classLengthConverter
Public classLine
Public classLineSpecification
Parametrization of a polyline geometry which allows you to use multiple Points and bridges (using the Crossings data and the BridgeType). The method uses such specifications to create a concrete geometry.
Public classManipulationRoutedEventArgs
Represents manipulation routed event args.
Public classMatrixTransform
Public classModifierKeys
Public classMouseButtonEventArgs
Provides data for mouse button related events.
Public classOpenFileDialog
Public classPaintingContext
Public classPanel
Public classPath
Public classPathGeometry
Public classPathSegmentCollection
Public classPixelFormat
Public classPixelFormats
Public classPointConverter
Public classPolyline
Public classPolylineSpecification
Parametrization of a polyline geometry which allows you to use multiple Points, bridges (using the Crossings data and the BridgeType) and end caps.
Public classPositionChangedRoutedEventArgs
Encapsulates information about position changed event.
Public classRadDiagramConnector
Represents a connector point.
Public classRadDiagramItem
Abstract base implementation of the IDiagramItem interface.
Public classRadDiagramShapeBase
Abstract base implementation of the IShape interface.
Public classRadMouseEventArgs
Public classRadRoutedEditEventArgs
Contains state information and event data associated with a routed event.
Public classRectangle
Public classRectangleGeometry
Public classRectConverter
Public classResizeRoutedEventArgs
Represents resizing routed event args.
Public classRotateRoutedEventArgs
Represents rotated routed event args.
Public classRotateTransform
Public classRoutedEvent
Public classRoutedEventArgs
Public classSaveFileDialog
Public classScaleTransform
Public classSerializationExtensions
Utilities related to the (de)serialization.
Public classSerializationInfoEventArgs
Public classShape
Public classShapeFactory
Shape factory.
Public classShapeRoutedEventArgs
Represents shape routed event args.
Public classShapeSerializationRoutedEventArgs
Routed event argument related to a shape.
Public classSizeChangedEventArgs
Public classSizeConverter
Public classSystemColors
Public classThicknessConverter
Public classToolTipService
Public classTransform
Public classTransformGroup
Public classTranslateTransform
Public classUIElement
Public classUndoRedoHelper
Public classValidationErrorEventArgs
Provides information for the Error attached event.
Public classVectorConverter
Public classWpfColorConverter
Public classWriteableBitmap
Public structureColor
Describes a color in terms of alpha, red, green, and blue channels.
Public structureDiagramDropInfo
Represents drop information.
Public structureFontStyle
Defines a structure that represents the style of a font face as normal, italic, or oblique.
Public structureFontWeight
Refers to the density of a typeface, in terms of the lightness or heaviness of the strokes.
Public structurePageRange
Specifies a range of pages.
Public interfaceIPaintingContext
Public enumerationArrowShapeType
The type of shape.
Public enumerationBitmapCreateOptions
Public enumerationCommonShapeType
Public enumerationDispatcherPriority
Public enumerationFillRule
Public enumerationFlowChartShapeType
List of flow chart - like shape types.
Public enumerationFlowDirection
Defines constants that specify the content flow direction for text and user interface (UI) elements. 
Public enumerationHorizontalAlignment
Indicates where an element should be displayed on the horizontal axis relative to the allocated layout slot of the parent element.
Public enumerationRoutingStrategy
Public enumerationScrollBarVisibility
Public enumerationStretch
Public enumerationValidationErrorEventAction
Public enumerationVerticalAlignment