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CellPosition Methods

The CellPosition type exposes the following members.

Public methodBeginUpdate
Begins the update.
Public methodCompareTo (Inherited from CellIndexBase.)
Public methodEndUpdate
Ends the update.
Public methodEquals (Inherited from CellIndexBase.)
Public methodGetHashCode (Inherited from CellIndexBase.)
Public methodMoveToColumnEnd
Moves to column end.
Public methodMoveToColumnStart
Moves to column start.
Public methodMoveToFirstCell
Moves to first cell.
Public methodMoveToIndex(CellIndex)
Moves to index.
Public methodMoveToIndex(Int32, Int32)
Moves to index.
Public methodMoveToNextColumn
Moves to next column.
Public methodMoveToNextRow
Moves to next row.
Public methodMoveToPosition
Moves to position.
Public methodMoveToPreviousColumn
Moves to previous column.
Public methodMoveToPreviousRow
Moves to previous row.
Public methodMoveToRowEnd
Moves to row end.
Public methodMoveToRowStart
Moves to row start.
Protected methodOnPositionChanged
Raises the [E:PositionChanged] event.
Protected methodOnPositionChanging
Raises the [E:PositionChanging] event.
Protected methodOnPositionChangingCanceled
Raises the [E:PositionChangingCanceled] event.
Public methodToString (Inherited from CellIndexBase.)
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