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ConnectionUtilities Methods

The ConnectionUtilities type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberAllPoints
Returns all the points of this connection, i.e. the start and end points together with the intermediate connection points.
Public methodStatic memberCalculateMiddlePointOfLine
Calculates the middle point of line.
Public methodStatic memberGetBezierDefaultHandlePoint(Point, Point, Point)
Gets the bezier default handle point.
Public methodStatic memberGetBezierDefaultHandlePoint(Point, Point, Point, Double)
Gets the bezier default handle point.
Public methodStatic memberGetConnectionEndPoints
Gets the connection end points.
Public methodStatic memberGetDefaultHandleBezierPoints
Gets the default handle bezier points.
Public methodStatic memberSegmentCount
Returns the number of segments defined by the intermediate points.
Public methodStatic memberSetConnectionPoints
Sets the connection points.
Public methodStatic memberTranslateConnectionPoints
Shifts the ConnectionPoints by adding or substracting the Position vector.
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