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TableViewRowLayoutBase Methods

The TableViewRowLayoutBase type exposes the following members.

Public methodArrangeCell
Arranges the cells in the row.
Public methodColumnIsVisible
Public methodDispose
Public methodEndColumnResize
Finishes the resizing of a column
Public methodEnsureColumnsLayout
Public methodGetColumnOffset
Public methodGetColumnWidth
Gets the actual column width
Public methodGetRowHeight
Determines the actual row height.
Public methodInitialize
Initializes the IGridRowLayout with the specified table element.
Public methodInvalidateLayout
Invalidates the row layout
Public methodInvalidateRenderColumns
Invalidates the RenderColumns collection
Public methodMeasurePinnedColumns
Measures the pinned columns.
Public methodMeasureRow
Measures the space required by the cells.
Public methodResizeColumn
Changes the size of an already choosen column by using the specified delta
Protected methodSetFirstDataColumn
Protected methodSetLastDataColumn
Public methodStartColumnResize
Starts resizing of a column from the UI
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