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SchedulerInputBehavior Methods

The SchedulerInputBehavior type exposes the following members.

Public methodDeleteSelectedAppointments
Deletes the currently selected appointments.
Public methodDispose
Releases the managed resources held by this behavior.
Public methodHandleAppointmentElementDoubleClick
Handles the AppointmentElementDoubleClick event from RadScheduler.
Protected methodHandleAppointmentElementMouseDown
Called when the MouseDown was performed over an AppointmentElement.
Public methodHandleCellElementDoubleClick
Handles the CellElementDoubleClick event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleCellElementKeyPress
Handles the CellElementKeyPress event from RadScheduler.
Protected methodHandleCellElementMouseDown
Called when the MouseDown was performed over a SchedulerCellElement.
Public methodHandleKeyDown
Handles the KeyDown event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleMouseDown
Handles the MouseDown event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleMouseEnter
Handles the MouseEnter event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleMouseLeave
Handles the MouseLeave event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleMouseMove
Handles the MouseMove event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleMouseUp
Handles the MouseUp event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleMouseWheel
Handles the MouseWheel event from RadScheduler.
Public methodHandleNavigationKey
Handles the navigation keys pressed on from RadScheduler. The keys considered as navigation keys are: Left, Right, Up, Down, F2, Delete, Escape.
Protected methodIsRealDrag
Returns true when the mouse pointer offset compared to the initial mouse down position is large enough to begin a drag operation.
Protected methodOnBeginEditTimerTick
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