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SchedulerDayViewBase Methods

The SchedulerDayViewBase type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAddAppointment
Adds the appointment.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodAddResources (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodAppointmentChanged (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodCalculateNextDate (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodCalculatePreviousView (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodCopyPropertiesToView
Copies the properties to view.
(Overrides SchedulerViewCopyPropertiesToView(SchedulerView).)
Protected methodCreateViewWithStartDate
Creates the view with start date.
(Overrides SchedulerViewCreateViewWithStartDate(DateTime).)
Public methodDispose
Public methodGetColumnForDate
Gets the column index corresponding to a given date.
Public methodGetDateForCell(Int32, Int32)
Gets the date that corresponds to a cell.
Public methodGetDateForCell(Int32, Int32, RadScheduler)
Gets the date that corresponds to a cell.
Public methodGetDateForColumn(Int32)
Gets the date that corresponds to a column.
Public methodGetDateForColumn(Int32, RadScheduler)
Gets the date that corresponds to a column.
Protected methodGetEndDate
Gets the end date for that SchedulerView given a start date.
(Overrides SchedulerViewGetEndDate(DateTime).)
Public methodGetFirstAppointment
Gets the first appointment in this view, if any.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetLastAppointment
Gets the last appointment in this view, if any.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetNextView
Gets the next view.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetNextView(Int32)
Gets the next view.
(Overrides SchedulerViewGetNextView(Int32).)
Public methodGetNextView(NavigationStepTypes, Int32)
Gets the next view.
(Overrides SchedulerViewGetNextView(NavigationStepTypes, Int32).)
Public methodGetNextViewWithAppointments
Gets the next view containing any of the given appointments.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetNumberOfCellsPerHour
Gets the number of cells per hour.
Public methodGetPreviousView
Gets the previous view.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetPreviousView(Int32)
Gets the previous view.
(Overrides SchedulerViewGetPreviousView(Int32).)
Public methodGetPreviousView(NavigationStepTypes, Int32)
Gets the previous view.
(Overrides SchedulerViewGetPreviousView(NavigationStepTypes, Int32).)
Public methodGetPreviousViewWithAppointments
Gets the previous view containing any of the given appointments.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetResource (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetResourceId (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetResources (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodGetRowsCount
Gets the calculated number of rows according to the RulerStartScale, RulerStartScaleMinutes, RulerEndScale and RulerEndScaleMinutes properties.
Public methodGetViewContainingDate(DateTime)
Creates a Scheduler View object based on the logic implemented by the Scheduler View instance that implements the method.
(Overrides SchedulerViewGetViewContainingDate(DateTime).)
Protected methodGetViewContainingDate(DateTime, Int32) (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodIsAllDayEvent
Determines whether the specified event is all day
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodIsAppointmentInView
Determines whether a given appointment intersects with this view..
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodIsDateInView
Determines if a DateTime object belongs to the dates range managed by a particular SchedulerView.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodIsResourceIntersectsWithViewResources (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodIsViewInAccessibleInterval (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodIsWorkingDay
Checks if a given week day is a working day.
Public methodIsWorkTime
Checks if a given date is work time by checking the WorkWeekStart, WorkWeekEnd, WorkTime properties and then by checking the exceptions defined in the WorkTimeExceptions collections.
Public methodOffsetView
Offsets the view.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodRemoveAppointment (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodSetDefaultTimeZone (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodSetStartDate (Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Public methodUpdateAppointments
Updates the appointments for that view.
(Inherited from SchedulerView.)
Protected methodUpdateOnPropertyChange
Called when a property is changed.
(Overrides SchedulerViewUpdateOnPropertyChange(String).)
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