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RadReminder Methods

The RadReminder type exposes the following members.

Public methodAddRemindObject
Adds the remind object.
Public methodAddRemindObjects
Adds the reminder bindable object.
Public methodClearRemindObjects
Clears the remind objects.
Public methodContainsRemindObject
Determines whether contains the specified remind object.
Protected methodDispose
Releases the unmanaged resources used by the Component and optionally releases the managed resources.
(Overrides ComponentDispose(Boolean).)
Protected methodGetDefaultOwner
Gets the default owner.
Public methodGetRemindObjects
Gets the remind objects.
Protected methodOnDataFormating
Raises the [E:DataFormating] event.
Protected methodOnItemOpened
Raises the [E:ItemOpened] event.
Protected methodOnRemindObjectShown
Raises the [E:RemindObjectShown] event.
Protected methodOnShowingAlarmForm
Raises the [E:AlarmFormShowing] event.
Public methodRemoveRemindObject
Removes the remind object.
Public methodResetToDefaultAlarmForm
Resets to default alarm form.
Protected methodShowAlarmForm
Shows the alarm form.
Public methodStartReminder
Starts the reminder.
Public methodStopReminder
Stops the reminder.
Protected methodTimerTick
Check whether the reminder has remind objects fill them to the alarm form and show that form.
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