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ChartView Methods

The ChartView type exposes the following members.

Protected methodAddStylePropertySetting
Registers a style setting for this instance.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodApplyStyle
Applies the style.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodApplyStyleByIndex
Applies the style by the index.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodApplyStyleSettingsCore
Applies the style settings.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodAttach
Attaches the specified parent.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodBindProperty
Binds the specified property to a property of the provided binding source object.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodBuildVisualState
Builds the visual state.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodCanRaisePropertyChangeNotifications
Determines whether the object can raise PropertyChanging and PropertyChanged notifications. Current implementation checks whether the object is disposing or is already disposed of.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodClearPropertyStore
Removes all references to external property modifiers such as property bindings, style settings and animations.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodCoerceValue
Allows inheritors to force a coersion of the current calculated value for the given property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodDeferRefresh
Defers the refresh.
Public methodDettach
Dettaches this instance.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodDispose
Releases all resources associated with this object.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Protected methodDispose(Boolean)
Performs the actual Dispose logic.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Protected methodDisposeManagedResources
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodDisposeUnmanagedResources
Releases any UNMANAGED resources used by this object. NOTE: If you declare some unmanaged resources in your class, you should override its finalizer and put disposing logic there also.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Protected methodDpiScaleChanged
Called when DPI scale is changed.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodDraw
Draws the specified context.
Public methodGetAreaT
Gets the area.
Protected methodGetBitState
Gets the current bit state for the object, defined by the provided key.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public methodGetCurrentShape
Gets the current shape.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodGetDefaultValue
Allows inheritors to provide custom default value.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodGetInheritedValue
Searches up in the chain of InheritanceParents for a value for the specified property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodGetPropertyValue
Gets the RadPropertyValue structure that holds information about the specified property's effective value for this instance. May be null if no effective value is recorded.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodGetRegisteredRadProperty
Gets the registered property with the specified name.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodGetScaledFont
Gets the scaled font.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodGetThemeEffectiveType
Gets the type of the theme effective.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodGetValue
Retrieves the current value for the specified property.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodGetValueSource
Gets the source of the current value for the specified property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodInvalidate
Invalidates the UIChartElement.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodIsPropertyCancelable
Determines whether the specified property may be canceled.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodLayout
Layouts the chart.
Public methodLayout(Boolean)
Layouts the chart indicating whether to invalidate.
Public methodLayout(RadRect)
Layouts in the specified rect.
Protected methodMeasureContentOverride
Measures the content override.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodOnAttached
Called when [attached].
(Overrides UIChartElementOnAttached(UIChartElement).)
Protected methodOnAxisLabelFormatting
Called when formatting axes' labels.
Protected methodOnBitStateChanged
Notifies the object for a change in its bit state.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Protected methodOnCreatePoint
Raises the [E:CreatePoint] event.
Protected methodOnCreatePointElement
Raises the [E:CreatePointElement] event.
Protected methodOnCreateRenderer
Fires the CreateRenderer event.
Protected methodOnDataError
Called when data error occurs.
Protected methodOnDettached
Called when [dettached].
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Protected methodOnGesture
Raises the [E:Gesture] event.
Protected methodOnKeyDown
Raises the [E:KeyDown] event.
Protected methodOnKeyPress
Raises the [E:KeyPress] event.
Protected methodOnKeyUp
Raises the [E:KeyUp] event.
Protected methodOnLabelFormatting
Raises the LabelFormatting event
Protected methodOnMouseCaptureChanged
Raises the [E:MouseCaptureChanged] event.
Protected methodOnMouseClick
Raises the [E:MouseClick] event.
Protected methodOnMouseDoubleClick
Raises the [E:MouseDoubleClick] event.
Protected methodOnMouseDown
Raises the [E:MouseDown] event.
Protected methodOnMouseEnter
Raises the [E:MouseEnter] event.
Protected methodOnMouseHover
Raises the [E:MouseHover] event.
Protected methodOnMouseLeave
Raises the [E:MouseLeave] event.
Protected methodOnMouseMove
Raises the [E:MouseMove] event.
Protected methodOnMouseUp
Raises the [E:MouseUp] event.
Protected methodOnMouseWheel
Raises the [E:MouseWheel] event.
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs)
Raises the standard .NET PropertyChanged event.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodOnNotifyPropertyChanged(String)
Raises the PropertyChanged event.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodOnPanChanged
Raises the [E:PanChanged] event.
Public methodOnPanChanging
Raises the [E:PanChanging] event.
Protected methodOnPanGesture
Raises the [E:PanGesture] event.
Protected methodOnPressAndTapGesture
Raises the [E:PressAndTapGesture] event.
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged (Overrides UIChartElementOnPropertyChanged(RadPropertyChangedEventArgs).)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanging
Raises the RadPropertyChanging event.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodOnRotateGesture
Raises the [E:RotateGesture] event.
Protected methodOnSelectedPointChanged
Raises the [E:SelectedPointChanged] event.
Protected methodOnSelectedPointChanging
Raises the [E:SelectedPointChanging] event.
Protected methodOnTwoFingerTapGesture
Raises the [E:TwoFingerTapGesture] event.
Public methodOnZoomChanged
Raises the [E:ZoomChanged] event.
Public methodOnZoomChanging
Raises the [E:ZoomChanging] event.
Protected methodOnZoomGesture
Raises the [E:ZoomGesture] event.
Public methodPan
Pans with the specified x,y offset.
Protected methodPerformDispose
Performs the core resources release logic.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public methodPerformRefresh
Performs refreshing the view.
Protected methodProcessResult
Processes the result.
Public methodRefresh
Refreshes the UIChartElement.
(Inherited from UIChartElement.)
Public methodRemoveStylePropertySetting(IPropertySetting)
Called when element style condition changes. This method is used internally.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodRemoveStylePropertySetting(RadProperty)
Called when element style condition changes. This method is used internally.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodReset
Resets the view.
Public methodResetValue(RadProperty)
Resets the current value of the specified property. This method will remove any effective value modifier (such as style or animation setting) for the specified property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodResetValue(RadProperty, ValueResetFlags)
Resets the current value of the specified property using the provided flags.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodResetValueCore
Resets the specified property value, using the provided reset flags.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodResumePropertyNotifications
Resumes property notifications after a previous SuspendPropertyNotifications call.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodResumeRefresh
Resumes refreshing the view.
Protected methodSetBitState
Applies the specified boolean value to the BitVector of the object.
(Inherited from DisposableObject.)
Public methodSetDefaultValueOverride
Applies the provided value as an override of the Default value provided by the specified property's metadata.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodSetValue
Applies the provided value as Local for the specified property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodSetValueAtDesignTime
Applies the specified value as Local for the desired property and raises the flag IsLocalValueSetAtDesignTime for that property. All design-time direct property modifications (e.g. item.Text = "Item1") should be done through this method for the property to be properly serialized. If a property is modified through a property grid, the custom property descriptor will automatically apply this logic. This method is used internally.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodSetValueCore
Performs the core logic of updating property value.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodShouldSerializeProperty
Determines whether the property defined by the provided property descriptor should be serialized.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodSuspendPropertyNotifications
Allows PropertyChanging and PropertyChanged notifications to be temporary suspended.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodSuspendRefresh
Suspends refreshing the view.
Public methodUnbindProperty
Removes the binding for the specified property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodUpdatePanOnZoom
Updates the pan on zoom with the specified horizontal/vertical scale factor.
Public methodUpdateValue
Forces re-evaluation of the current value for the specified property.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Protected methodUpdateValueCore
Performs the core value update logic.
(Inherited from RadObject.)
Public methodZoom
Zooms the view with the specified horizontal/vertical scale factor.
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCheckAccessOverloaded. (Defined by DispatcherExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCheckAccessOverloaded. (Defined by DispatcherExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCheckAccessOverloaded. (Defined by DispatcherExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodClearIfNoBindingAndSet
Clears if set.
(Defined by CommonExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodClearIfSet
Clears the property if a value has been set.
(Defined by CommonExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodIsLocalValueSet
Determines whether the specified dependency property local value is set.
(Defined by CommonExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodSetIfDifferent
Sets the value of the dependencyProperty property if it's hasn't that value currently.
(Defined by CommonExtensions.)
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